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Elevator Maintenance

When you choose Motum, you can be sure that we can always help you. Thanks to our wide range of expertise and long experience within the group, we can carry out regular servicing on all elevators, regardless of manufacturer, elevator type, model or year. We will help you sign a maintenance contract that suits you. We offer everything from accessibility services, incentive agreements and framework agreements. Contact your local service company for support!

Over the past 45 years, we have assisted more than 5000 of Sweden’s housing cooperatives with their elevator & automatic door maintenance.

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All customers are equally important to us, and we strive to be a personal and responsive partner. As Sweden’s largest independent elevator group, we can help larger property owners that cover a large geographical area.

Maintenance Manual – Elevators and Automatic Doors

Welcome to Motum’s maintenance manual for elevators & automatic doors. The purpose of the manual is to make it easier for property owners and housing cooperatives to take measures to ensure that elevators and automatic doors work well and are safe to use. The manual is intended to serve as a guide for property owners, property managers and board members in housing cooperatives who have no elevator or door technology background.

How does an elevator work?

We have compiled all the necessary information about elevators and how they work, what different types of elevators exist and what important factors are important to include when evaluating alternative elevators.

Elevator Emergency Phone

What if the elevator unexpectedly got stuck? Who do you call, how quickly should they answer and how quickly should they be there to help you? Click below to read more about emergency phones for elevators.

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Our Offices

We are nationwide

As part of the Motum Group, we can take advantage of nationwide supplier agreements and a common knowledge base while maintaining our local presence.

We strive to be the number one choice in Europe regarding elevators. Contact one of our local offices to book an appointment with one of our skilled service technicians.

Stockholm – ITK
Stockholm – Hissgruppen
Stockholm – Motum Port
Uppsala – Uppsala Lyftservice
Göteborg – Vinga Hiss
Malmö – Motum Skåne
Linköping – Nordisk Hiss & Motum Port
Karlstad – Nordisk Hiss i Värmland
Norrköping – Nordisk Hiss
Borås – Vinga Hiss
Örebro – Hisscentralen i Närke
Karlskrona – Motum Blekinge
Eskilstuna – Nordisk Hiss
Västerås – Nordisk Hiss
Nyköping – Nordisk Hiss
Jönköping – Nordisk Hiss
Växjö – Nordisk Hiss
Oslo & Kristianstad – Motum AS

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Motum provides professional and secure elevator services for efficient and reliable operation.

Welcome to Motum. Our highest priority is to ensure that your elevator functions flawlessly, safely, and efficiently with minimal impact on the environment and surroundings through qualified service and maintenance.

Why is regular elevator service important?

Regular elevator service is crucial to prevent downtime, reduce the risk of accidents, and simultaneously extend the lifespan of the elevator A functioning elevator is also a prerequisite for the functionality and accessibility of the property for all visitors, whether it’s a condominium, office, shopping center, or public building. With regular and excellent service, we ensure that your elevator is reliable and meets all applicable safety requirements.

What does Motum’s elevator service include?

We offer a complete range of elevator services, including:

Preventive maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance to prevent issues before they arise.
Troubleshooting and repairs: Quick and efficient resolution of faults to minimize operational disruptions.
Modernization and upgrades: Updating old elevator systems to meet modern safety standards and improve efficiency.
Safety checks: Review and certification according to industry safety standards.
Emergency call services: 24/7 support to swiftly handle emergency situations.

This sets Motum apart from other elevator and door service companies:

Experienced personnel: Our technicians are well-trained with extensive experience in various types of elevators.
Fast and nationwide service: We understand the importance of time and strive to quickly address any issues across multiple locations in Sweden.
Transparency: Clear communication about costs and timeframes without hidden fees.
Customized solutions: We offer tailored service agreements that meet the unique needs of each customer.
Latest technology: Use of modern tools and techniques for efficient service and maintenance.

Extensive network: Motum is part of the Mitsubishi Group, providing the latest industry insights globally. Locally, Motum is associated with several Nordic elevator companies with long experience and well-established approaches to solving various customer problems. Together, we have the capacity to offer excellent elevator services.

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