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service of automatic doors

All automatic doors need to be checked from time to time. With regular servicing and preventive maintenance, you can increase the life of your door and reduce the risk of sudden and costly failures or the door having to be replaced entirely. We have a close collaboration with several of the leading manufacturers and can therefore offer quick spare parts handling. We work with all kinds of customers and properties, from industries and emergency services to shopping centres and schools.

Our experience is your security!

Maintenance Manual – Elevators and Automatic Doors

Welcome to Motum’s maintenance manual for elevators & automatic doors. The purpose of the manual is to make it easier for property owners and housing cooperatives to take measures to ensure that elevators and automatic doors work well and are safe to use. The manual is intended to serve as a guide for property owners, property managers and board members in housing cooperatives who have no elevator or door technology background.

Motum Port offers a wide range of industrial doors, garage doors, gates, dockings, shutters, etc., of the highest quality developed for Nordic conditions. We install, service, and modernize doors from all manufacturers on the market. We exclusively work with open systems that are easy to maintain and do not bind the customer to a specific supplier. Whether you know which door you need or not, we can assist you all the way from idea to installation. We deliver to both businesses and private individuals.

As part of the sustainable elevator and gate conglomerate, our mission is to install new doors, modernize, and perform preventive maintenance on doors with sustainability in focus. We never compromise on quality and always show respect for the nature as well as the property’s architecture. This is to ensure that users and the environment thrive together in harmony. Therefore, you should choose Motum Port.

Older doors don’t necessarily have to be replaced. Through modernization, the old feel can be preserved and combined with modern functionality and operational reliability.