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Automatic Door Modernization

Just like everything else, automatic doors wear out from the elements and regular use. Often a simple servicing can be enough, but sometimes more is required. Then, of course, there is the option of replacing the entire door, but another solution could be modernization.

In modernization, all the parts that are still in good condition are kept, while older, worn and broken parts are replaced. For example, if you have an older door of a type that is no longer manufactured, modernization is a way to keep the old original feel while obtaining modern function and operational safety. In most cases, modernization is also a good choice from an environmental point of view, since less material is used.

Can your Automatic Door be Modernized?

We can carry out modernization on all types of automatic doors from all manufacturers. Most older doors can be salvaged, but in some cases the door must be completely replaced. Contact us to see if your door is suitable for modernization!

As part of the sustainable elevator and gate conglomerate, our mission is to install new gates, modernize, and perform preventive maintenance on gates with sustainability in focus. We never compromise on quality and always show respect for the nature as well as the property’s architecture. This is to ensure that users and the environment thrive together in harmony. Therefore, you should choose Motum Port.

Older gates don’t necessarily have to be replaced. Through modernization, the old feel can be preserved and combined with modern functionality and operational reliability.

A gate that is regularly maintained lasts longer and functions better. We provide gate service for all types of gates from all manufacturers.