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Motum’s Elevator Technician/Door Technician Training Heading

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The elevator and door industry is in great need of trained technicians with modern skills. Motum therefore wants to ensure high-quality training for elevator and door technicians. The work as an elevator and door technician is a practical and varied job where you are out in the field a lot and install, modernize, service and repair elevators and doors. You have a lot of personal responsibility and can largely plan your work yourself.

In autumn 2022, the Motum Group started its own training for elevator and door technicians. The training consists of one year of basic education and six months of supplementary education. During the basic education, you as a student will be employed on a fixed-term basis with a salary in one of Motum’s subsidiaries, and after passing the training you will be offered employment in the same company. Directly after employment, six months of mandatory additional training with a focus on practice begins. The practical part of the training will be carried out at the place of employment, while the theoretical parts will be carried out at the group’s training centre, Motum Academy in Stockholm.


Our Offer

  • 1-year basic training in elevator and door technology.
  • Temporary employment with salary during basic training.
  • Offer of employment in the company you apply to after successful basic training.
  • 6-month mandatory advanced training with a focus on practical training immediately after employment.
  • Certificate upon completion of basic and advanced training.

The training includes the following subjects:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanics (tool theory, hydraulics)
  • Control Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Internship
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Who Should Attend Our Elevator and Door Technician Training?

To be eligible for the elevator and door technician training, you need:

  • High school education with an electrical focus (e.g., electrical, automotive, mechatronics) or equivalent competence acquired in another way.
  • Complete high school grades in mathematics, English, and Swedish.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English and Swedish.
  • B driver’s license or plans to obtain a B driver’s license during training (Note: B driver’s license is a requirement to receive a job offer after successful basic training).

The selection process will give significant weight to personal qualities. We are looking for individuals who are:

  • Outgoing
  • Independent
  • Responsible
  • Good at collaboration
  • Service-oriented

Application Deadline: May 7, 2023!

Are you interested in our elevator and door technician training? Send your application to our local office. More information is available here.

Below you can find common questions and answers.


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanics (Tool Theory, Hydraulics)
  • Control Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Internship
    • New Installation
    • Modernization
    • Service & Maintenance
    • Repair

During the 1-year basic training, there is approximately 28 weeks of internship in total.

During the 6-month advanced training, there is approximately 20 weeks of internship in total.

There are about 4-5 occasions in Stockholm per semester. Each occasion lasts between 1-3 weeks. In total, expect about 12 weeks in Stockholm in the first semester, about 6 weeks in Stockholm in the second semester, and about 3-4 weeks in Stockholm in the third semester.

Yes, Motum provides accommodation during the theoretical parts held in Stockholm.

If accepted into the training, you will receive the minimum wage in the profession during the training year.

The starting salary after training will be determined together with the hiring company, corresponding to the salary of a newly hired employee in that location.

To qualify for electrical, you need to take a course in electrical theory or practical electrical theory. We do not have a specific course that we recommend.

Send your grades to

The training started on August 1, 2022. The next training session is planned to start in August 2023.
The training begins with three weeks of theory in Stockholm.
Teaching in Stockholm is Monday to Friday, making it possible to go home on weekends.

Other Paths into the Elevator Technician/Door Technician Profession

Other Paths into the Elevator
/Door Technician Profession

redan utbildad?

Already trained? Apply directly to Motum! Apply directly to Motum!

If you have any form of technical education along with practical experience in electricity and/or mechanics and have a knack for learning new things, instead of applying for the technician training, you can try applying for one of our vacant positions as an elevator technician/door technician. Welcome to view all available jobs within the Motum group via this link.


Elevator and Escalator Technician, Xenter, Tumba.

Another path is to apply for the one-year higher vocational education (Yh) to become an elevator technician, located in Tumba. Here, you will spend 40 weeks in the classroom and 13 weeks in an internship at an elevator company, learning the basics of the elevator technician profession. Learn more about the education on Xenter’s website.

Duration: 40 weeks, including 13 weeks of Learning in Work (LIA).
Location: Xenter, Utbildningsvägen 3, Tumba.
Next start: Fall 2022.
Education Leader: Jan Sätherlund, 0708 68 29 37 /
Visit Xenter’s website for more information.