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Elevator Modernization

When an elevator has been in operation for about 20-25 years, it needs to undergo renovation. This is called modernization. At Motum, we have extensive experience in modernizing all types of elevators. Modernizing the elevator means keeping as many original parts as possible and only replacing what is broken or does not meet today’s requirements for operational safety and environmental impact. As a result, you get a modern and safe elevator while preserving the old feeling. Since as much as possible is reused, modernization is a more sustainable alternative to removing and installing new. Modernization compared to new installation reduces the burden on the environment as much as it takes to produce a 1400 kg car.

Modernization, the eco-friendly option for your elevator

Sustainability is a key word for us at Motum. Both in the elevator shaft and outside. Therefore, modernization is something we advocate as often as possible.

Together with Chalmers University in Gothenburg, we have produced a report that shows how much energy is saved in the life cycle analysis aspect if you choose to modernize the elevator.

The report shows that modernization has at least 50% less environmental impact than removing and installing a new elevator.

Read more about the Life Cycle Analysis Report in Swedish: ”Livscykelanalys – En jämförelse mellan nyinstallation och modernisering av hissar”.

What does the regulations say?

Our companies carry out modernization on all types of elevators and you can freely choose the extent to which you want to modernize, as long as you follow the existing regulations for elevators.

One thing to keep in mind is that the regulations have been updated over the years. Therefore, if you choose to modernize the elevator today, safety requirements may be significantly higher than when the elevator was built.

Read more about the regulations for upgrading existing elevators in Swedish: Hissförbundets handbok om hissar för fastighetsägare.

Note: Measures that significantly extend the lifespan of an elevator, e.g., wrapping the elevator cabin, are equated to replacing the interior of the elevator cabin. In such cases, the consequential requirements according to elevator regulations (Chapter 2, Section 1) must also be fulfilled. Painting and wallpapering are not considered measures that significantly extend the lifespan of an elevator.

Guide to Elevator Modernization

In this guide, you can read about why it is more environmentally friendly to modernize the elevator than to replace it completely, how a modernization project works and, not least, read customer stories.