Second Logo

Vision, Mission, Business Concept and Core Values


Our vision is for Motum to be the obvious choice for the conscious elevator and door buyer.

Together, we lead the development of elevator and automatic door solutions in an innovative, sustainable and responsible way into the future with a clear life cycle perspective.


With sustainability in focus, we provide people and companies with elevator and automatic door solutions that enable them to live and work to their full potential.

Business Concept

Motum offers sustainable, innovative and flexible elevator and automatic door solutions to properties in the Nordics.

Through entrepreneurship, technical competence and an understanding of each building’s unique needs, we help our customers find the best long-term solutions.

Core Values

Motum has established three core values that guide our way of working and describe what we stand for. Our core values permeate the company culture and help us achieve our goals and our vision.

”By including Simplicity in everything we do, we make everyday life easier for our customers and colleagues”

”By a committed approach, we take on every project with energy, presence and care”

”By including Sustainability in everything – people, environment and economy – we become a responsible and long-term partner”