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Knowledge Bank: Motum Automatic Doors

Welcome to Motum’s knowledge bank for automatic doors. It will provide you with the latest information and documents to download. Here you will find current information and documents to download.
This page is primarily aimed at automatic door owners.

Motum Port offers a wide range of industrial doors, garage doors, gates, dockings, shutters, etc., of the highest quality developed for Nordic conditions. We install, service, and modernize doors from all manufacturers on the market. We exclusively work with open systems that are easy to maintain and do not tie the customer to a specific supplier. Whether you know which door you need or not, we can help you all the way from idea to installation. We deliver to both companies and private individuals.

As part of the sustainable elevator and door group, our task is to install, modernize, and perform preventive maintenance on doors with sustainability in focus. We never compromise on quality and always show respect for the nature as well as the property’s architecture.

Worth Knowing About Automatic Doors

Take a look at Portgruppen’s four easy-to-read leaflets for automatic door owners and get a better understanding of your door.

Keep your costs down through regular service and maintenance. With a service agreement with us, you can be sure that we can always help you. Thanks to our breadth and long experience, we can service all doors regardless of manufacturer, door type, or model year. We help property owners, housing cooperatives and community builders to make parts of society accessible to all people.