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Meet Björn Söderström – Supervisor at ITK

Interview with Björn Söderström

Björn lives in Stockholm and has worked in the elevator industry since 2004. Since 2022, he is a supervisor at ITK and responsible for management and coordination of the technicians at ITK. He also handles the relationships with many of ITK’s customers in regular servicing and maintenance.

”I like it here at ITK, we have an open and inclusive atmosphere. Everyone talks to everyone and it’s cordial and professional at the same time. We care a lot about openness and close contact with our customers, which is something I really think we live up to!”

What does a typical working day look like for you?

The mornings are usually devoted to administrative work and the mid-mornings/afternoons are usually more ”hands on” with material orders, planning with technicians and contact with customers.

As a supervisor, you have to be flexible as things often turn up that you didn’t expect. Some moments are really challenging, like when there is a fault reporting about downtime, for example. It often requires major repairs, and at ITK we collaborate with the technicians to find good solutions for our customers, which I am very proud of.

Can you share any projects or achievements you are particularly proud of?

When I started at ITK, talk had just begun about the disconnection of the 2G/3G network, which could affect the elevator’s emergency phone. I am proud that we have delivered the 4G solution to all customers who wanted it despite problems with access to materials.

During the same time, we have seen a change in our group of service technicians since the majority retired and new ones came in and are doing great! ! It is not easy to lose so much experience, but I think we have solved it well by hiring curious and ambitious technicians who have received in-house training.

What differentiates ITK from other workplaces you have worked at?

When I contacted ITK for the position as supervisor, it felt like an easy decision. A smaller company compared to the one I worked for before felt just right, since I like to be close to the business, and I really am here.

I think short decision-making processes and high trust stand out. We know what we can expect from each other, which results in a really pleasant working environment and efficient work.

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