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News & Knowledge Bank – Elevators

Welcome to Motum’s News & Knowledge Bank. This is where you can take part in the latest news from us, as well as familiarise yourself with the exciting world of the elevator. The site is primarily aimed at those who own, manage or represent properties where there is already an elevator or plans to install one. However, this also includes all of you who are interested in learning more about elevators, how they work and what opportunities they provide to a property and its visitors.

Elevator Manual for Property Owners

With the Swedish Association of Lifts and Escalators’ manual for property owners, it will be easier for you as an elevator owner to keep track of the elevator.

The manual contains:

  • • The structure of the elevator
  • • What does the regulations say?
  • • Checklist for elevator owners
  • • Description of the elevator’s life cycle
  • • Explanation of the most common elevator terms
  • • Tips on how you as a property owner can prevent downtime with simple means

Download the Swedish manual in pdf here