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Meet Mikael Eklund – Elevator and Door Technician at Motum Skåne

Interview with Mikael Eklund

Mikael lives outside Helsingborg and has worked in the elevator and door industry since 2004. On a typical day, he takes care of customers’ elevators and automatic doors in Helsingborg.

“Since the start of Motum Hiss Skåne in 2021, I have been curious and widened my knowledge in elevators and find it new and varying. What I appreciate the most about Motum Hiss Skåne is the responsibility and possibility to influence my own work. It is flexible and suits my life situation. The ambience between colleagues is good and we have activities outside the office.”

What does an ordinary working day look like?

I start at 7 am. I plan most of my time myself as well as which servicing and fault reporting assignments to take.

When fault reporting, I always initiate troubleshooting. That also applies for doors that will not open.

Our safety thinking is high at Motum, and we check the mechanical parts of our objects to ensure nobody is hurt when trying to fix the problem. My experience with automatic doors is that it is often a matter of visible problems such as impact damage or a broken wire.

In the case of elevators, you troubleshoot the electricity first. The elevator contains safety components where problems can arise, which is why you usually start checking the electrical drawings.

My day ends at 4 pm, but some days I am on call. Then I am available 24/7.

What do you like the most about your job?

The best thing is the everyday variation. One day I am servicing a door or a gate, and the next day a lifting table or an elevator. It is the mix of different things, places and meetings with new people.

Have you lived out your childhood dreams?

When I was young, I competed in Go-karting for 16 years. I wanted to be a racing star. I have been employed by West Coast Racing and looked after Prince Philip’s team. I was a mechanic and looked after their cars.

Unfortunately, it is a very expensive sport and very few can afford it. Maybe I didn’t fully live out my childhood dreams, but I eventually had the privilege of becoming an elevator and door technician, which I’m very happy about.

Do you want to know more about what it is like to work Motum and ITK?

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