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New Automatic Door Installation

A new automatic door can be customised to match all your needs. We have a wide range of tailored and ready-made solutions of the highest quality, and we work exclusively in open protocol systems that are easy to maintain and do not lock you into any particular supplier.

We install:

Automatic Sliding Doors

A popular choice for shops and entrances of various kinds. With a large number of models and colours, there are many opportunities to choose one that fits your exact needs.

Automatic Swinging Doors

A very versatile door type that is equally suitable for industries and shops as it is for office complexes.

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Frame-built Folding Doors

A strong door with frame-built door leaf, dimensioned for tough handling. Can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes with millimetre fit.

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Scissor Lift tables

A very good aid for all environments where, for example, there is a loading dock or where assembly is carried out.

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Automatic Folding Doors

A very durable door that can withstand both minor collisions and the Nordic climate. It has a surface layer consisting of a plastic-coated, hot-dip galvanized sheet, which prevents corrosion. With rubber seals and anti-pinch protection, both air entry and the risk of pinching are minimal.

Overhead Sliding Doors

A good choice when floors and side spaces are cramped. The door is balanced by using a tension spring, which makes it easy to open and close. It can also be fitted with an electric motor-driven door for automatic opening and closing.

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Automatic Sliding Gates

A perfect solution for warehouses, hangars and other places where large openings are needed. In addition, it is a good choice for smaller spaces where a quick opening is required.

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Automatic Roller Shutters

A simple, inexpensive and effective solution when you want to reduce the risk of break-ins or broken windows in, for example, a shop or building.

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Automatic Boom Barriers

With an automatic boom barrier, the risk of your door being hit and needing repair is reduced. It can also be used in a lock to stop unwanted traffic.

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Docking Station

Hermetic docking station to facilitate loading and unloading by truck. Effectively shuts out cold, which means reduced heating costs.